West Michigan Affinity Groups

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Arts & Culture Affinity Group
Join us to support Arts & Culture in West Michigan! Attend performances, concerts, exhibits, and special events through the Grand Rapids Symphony, Opera Grand Rapids, Broadway Grand Rapids, Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts (UICA), Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), St. Cecilia Music Center, Circle Theatre and Meijer Gardens. Events are held typically once a month with a networking dinner at a designated restaurant prior to the event.

Book Therapy Affinity Group
Network to discuss ideas and perspectives with other Inforum members. "Book Therapy" offers a relaxed meeting centered around discussion of both literary and professionally focused books. Group leaders facilitate an interactive discussion where attendees are encouraged (but not required) to share their experiences and opinions on the book as well as related topics.

Breakfast Affinity Group
Meet monthly, for low cost networking with other Inforum members, who are interested in establishing and building professional relationships. Come as you can, buy yourself some tea, coffee or a bagel, and join our Breakfast Club!

Craft Brews Affinity Group
Are you a fan of delicious craft brews? Are you interested in trying new craft beers & visiting new breweries throughout the Grand Rapids area? Join us as we explore the local craft beer scene that is exploding in Michigan. We are lucky to have great breweries and beer bars – and we plan to experience each of them, one by one!

Dinner Affinity Group
Meet for dinner at a West Michigan area restaurant to network with other Inforum members. Plan to order dinner off the menu, pay your own check, and relax and enjoy! Bring plenty of business cards.


Emerging Leaders Affinity Group
Participate with other professionals in philanthropic activities, engage in leadership and professional development, and build a professional network through social activities. Whether you are just starting your career, blazing a new path, or an established mentor - this group is designed to bridge generational gaps allowing everyone to emerge as stronger leaders.

Executive Leadership Alumnae Affinity Group
Brings together Executive Leadership graduates that want to continue to invest in themselves, keep learning and stay in contact with other graduates. Attend to participate in continued strategic connections and leadership development dialogue.


Health & Wellness Affinity Group
Wellness is a choice we make everyday. This Inforum group will inform, encourage and support the unique health needs of women in West Michigan.

Lakeshore Affinity Group
Live or work in the West Michigan Lakeshore area? Join the Lakeshore Affinity Group for a cup of coffee and to make strategic connections with other Inforum members and guests who are interested in establishing and building professional relationships.

Lend a Hand of West Michigan Affinity Group
A group in which members will be involved with several volunteer activities around the greater Grand Rapids area throughout the year, gaining the opportunity to develop closer relationships with other Inforum members, meet volunteers from other organizations, and give their time and effort to worthy causes.

Lunch Affinity Group
Meet for lunch at a West Michigan area restaurant with other Inforum members. "Feed your mind. Feed your stomach. Feed your network!" Plan to order lunch off the menu, pay your own check, and have fun as we build professional relationships.

Small Business/Entrepreneurship Affinity Group
Thinking of starting a small business? Would you like your small business to grow? Check out the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Affinity Group...You'll network with successful small business owners and learn about tools and resources to grow your small business.

Technology Connect Affinity Group
The NEW Technology Connect Affinity Group brings together Inforum members working in technology to expand their professional knowledge and foster intentional connections.

Wine Lovers of West Michigan Affinity Group
Join a group of Inforum women in a relaxing environment, to partake in the pairing of delicious and unusual wines with various menu items. The group meets and enjoys an evening of fun, in different locations around the West Michigan area. No knowledge of wine is necessary, just the desire to relax, meet people and enjoy!

Upcoming Events

12/6/16 | Tuesday | Southeast Michigan
12/8/16 | Thursday | Southeast Michigan