NextUp: Inforum's Emerging Leaders Program

NextUP is a specialized leadership development program for high-potential women two to five years in their careers. The program is designed to help women overcome traditional roadblocks and achieve early and enduring success in a new assignment or job.

Participants come to appreciate that getting ahead takes more than hard work. Successful leaders are relationship builders – and rely on more than technical skills and knowledge to advance their careers. NextUP gives participants the opportunity to develop relationships beyond one’s own company or industry, fostering strategic connections that will help their professional growth.

For employers, NextUP is an investment in the development and retention of emerging talent. The program enhances a young professional’s ability to work successfully with all levels of leaders, creating a more cohesive and productive work environment. 

Skill-Building and Coaching
  • NextUP is an interactive, multi-media, team-based program that explores the following topics:
    • Values and goals
    • Listening and feedback
    • Identifying personal strengths
    • Career derailers
    • Social interaction in a work environment
    • Intergenerational interactions in the workplace
  • The eight-week course is comprised of three half-day workshops with three small-group coaching sessions. Practice-based homework and ample use of technology complement in-class learning.
  • Classes are limited to 25-30 participants for optimum learning and networking


The cost for the course is $1,100.

NextUP is sponsored in part by Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.


Session Dates

Southeast: Coming Soon!

West Michigan: Winter 2016

Click here to download the ICL Leadership Program application.

Upcoming Events

4/2/15 | Thursday | Southwest Michigan
4/16/15 | Thursday | West Michigan
4/21/15 | Tuesday | Mid Michigan