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Inforum's work is comprehensive. It includes:

  • elevating and celebrating women role models who inspire and encourage emerging and rising leaders
  • convening and connecting members to foster the right relationships at the right time for personal and professional growth
  • working with companies big and small and often behind-the-scenes as a trusted resource and strategic ally on harnessing the full potential of talent
  • publishing original research that is thought-provoking and stimulates community dialogue and action

What it means to be a member


Inforum members are professionals from all walks of life from college students and young professionals to corporate executives and community leaders. Members are in the C-suite, run major divisions, and lead enterprise-wide initiatives. Members work in global companies and own small businesses. They launch start-ups and lead non-profits.

Inforum members are driven, educated, involved, and influential and they believe in giving back. Being a member means being a part of something bigger than yourself you're part of the growing contribution of women leaders in Michigan who support the community at large and pave the way for others. Through joining Inforum, Inforum members are given the tools to learn, lead and make a difference.


  • Leadership development programs for women that are research-based, outcome-driven and customized for different career stages
  • Online programs within a virtual community and skill-building learning labs that deliver bite-sized content and relevant content.
  • Small and mid-sized gatherings throughout the year that foster intentional connections with continuous learning as the centerpiece
  • Signature events that spark fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Input and access to original research on women's leadership, through presentations and leading meetings


  • Visible volunteer leadership roles that engage members in their areas of expertise and help advance the overall work of the organization on behalf of women
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities that are short-term and centered on organizational initiatives
  • Opportunities to contribute thought leadership

Make a difference

  • Formal and informal mentoring
  • Meaningful ways to engage with fellow members and the community to make Inforum more accessible and relevant
  • Collaborate with fellow practitioners to share best practices and create ways to make an industry and community impact

Join us

Membership dues enhance our impact and sutain our organization. We invite you to become a member. Your support helps to ensure Inforum remains on the forefront of what's to come for women leaders.



Professional Member ($150 annually)

Professional membership is for those ready to access the benefits of learning, leading and making a difference. In addition, professional members enjoy:

  • Password protected 'members only' section of the Inforum website
  • Access to online Inforum Membership Directory
  • Special member pricing for leadership development programs and Inforum events
  • Regular communication
  • Opportunity to participate in special 'members only' events

We also offer four other levels of membership as follows:


Executive Member ($500 annually)

Ideal for senior-level corporate executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who desire increased visibility and access. In addition to Professional Member benefits, Executive Members enjoy:
  • Featured member profile on Inforum website
  • Invitations to exclusive executive gatherings
  • Preferred seating at Inforum events

Associate Member ($75 annually)

Designed for professionals in career transition or those who are officially retired. Associate Members enjoy the same benefits as Professional Members.


Friend Member ($50 annually)

Designed for professionals whose home and primary workplace are outside of Inforum's major hubs of Detroit or Grand Rapids (more than 50 miles one-way) or whose primary residence is outside the state of Michigan.

Student Member ($20 annually)

Available for full-time students currently enrolled at a university or college. Student members enjoy the same benefits as Professional Members.


Upcoming Events

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