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Positioning Michigan as the Midwest Hub for High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs

inGAGE™ is Inforum Center for Leadership’s strategy to position Michigan as the Midwest hub for high-growth women entrepreneurs. inGAGE bridges the gap between a strong and growing talent base of highly-skilled women and the need for an innovation-based economy – where new technology or technology-enabled products have the potential to change a market or industry. Inforum will do this by guiding women in the earliest stages of idea validation and technology commercialization (innovate); 2) giving women-led ventures access to a global network of advisors and investors (involve); and 3) increasing the number of women angel investors in Michigan (invest).

Guiding women in earliest stages of idea validation and technology commercialization
Inforum Center for Leadership is bringing ACTiVATE to Michigan. ACTiVATE is a proven methodology that guides women through idea generation and commercial viability to launch growth-oriented businesses. The program is focused on women with early start-ups, a technology they want to commercialize, or those with experience and a desire to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

Giving women-led ventures access to a global network of advisors and investors
Inforum Center for Leadership is the lead partner in the Midwest for Astia, a nonprofit with a distinct focus and mission to propel women’s full participation in fueling innovation and driving economic growth. It features a global network of more than 1,100 advisors and investors – men and women – who work closely with women-led, high-growth ventures. The global network also gives visibility to Michigan business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors.

Increasing the number of angel investors
Angel investing is a key component to thriving entrepreneurial communities. Inforum seeks to be a connection point for angel investors, helping educate Inforum’s network around the reality, impact and rewards of angel investing. Our goal is to spur investment activity across Michigan – for both men and women – knowing that an increase in women angel investors can lead to increased investment in women-led ventures.

For more information about inGAGE, please contact Kristen Linegar, director of strategic initiatives, klinegar@inforummichigan.org. 



Inforum Center for Leadership's inGAGE™ strategy is funded in part by the 

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
 & New Economy Initiative



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