Inforum's HealthcareNEXT is for Inforum members who want to stay ahead of health care's next curve, trend, opportunity or insight. The group is focused on sharing knowledge, increasing understanding of key health care issues, and offering unique development and relationship-building interactions for health care providers and health plans, the payer community, educators, consultants, attorneys and other experts who routinely work in health care.

HealthcareNEXT will have quarterly educational and networking events featuring timely topics and industry experts for health care professionals early on their career and for health care veterans.

Inforum seeks to strengthen the business environment in Michigan by helping women lead and succeed. HealthcareNEXT enables Inforum’s members to do this by connecting with and learning from each other within their specific industry. It enables Inforum’s members to dig into and examine specific topics and issues most relevant to them while networking and engaging in meaningful dialogue – an added value to their Inforum membership.

HealthcareNEXT's Steering Committee expanded membership of this industry group to include anyone who has significant interaction with healthcare providers or plans. These additional members may include:

  • Educators in universities and colleges who teach current and future healthcare caregivers or healthcare leaders;
  • Consultants who routinely work with healthcare clients;
  • Attorneys expert in healthcare law;
  • Other professionals whose daily work involves interactions with healthcare providers and health plans.

In order to maintain our original purpose of education and shared learning, we discourage participation in Inforum's HealthcareNEXT events (seminars, breakfasts, online chats, etc.) with the primary goal of gaining new business or new employment through any type of sales or self-marketing activity. The Steering Committee may ask members to discontinue their involvement with this Inforum industry group. If a potential member of HealthcareNEXT has any questions regarding the appropriateness of a topic, please contact the Inforum staff liaison for the group.

Upcoming Events

4/24/14 | Thursday | Mid Michigan
4/29/14 | Tuesday | Southwest Michigan
4/29/14 | Tuesday | West Michigan