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Detroit is the world’s largest cluster, and the heart, of the automotive industry. With over 375 research and development centers and $12 billion in vehicle-related R&D spend in Michigan, the Detroit area accounts for nearly 25 percent of the United States’ entire motor vehicle industry.

AutomotiveNEXT, an industry group of Inforum, aspires to bring our community, industry executives, and individuals together to optimize the contribution of women in the automotive industry and to make sure the industry gets its fair share of today’s and tomorrow’s talent.
While there are prominent women executives in automotive, the numbers show those women are virtually alone within the industry. Only 3.3% of executive positions in the automotive industry are filled by women. Read more

Inforum industry groups like AutomotiveNEXT bring together the top minds in an industry or field. Members are the subject-matter experts and practitioners who collaborate on industry issues and market trends, bringing forth new ideas and sharing best practices.  Industry groups are a benefit of membership.

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Autoline After Hours on Electrifying Ford with Ford's Nancy Gioia

Feb. 6, 2014

Ford Motor Company's Nancy Gioia, director of Global Electrification, User Interface & Connectivity, is making a return appearance on Autoline After Hours with host John McElroy for a live webcast on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 6 p.m. ET.  Nancy serves on the Inforum board of directors and is chair of AutomotiveNEXT. 

Gioia will share an insider's view on cutting-edge technology in hybrid programs, sustainable mobility and electrifying Ford Motor Company.

Ford's Nancy Gioia and Bosch's Max Straub on Autoline This Week

Mar. 24, 2013

Autoline This Week with host John McElroy featured the topic of women in automotive and highlights AutomotiveNEXT, an industry group of Inforum that brings together subject-matter experts and practitioners who collaborate on automotive industry issues, share best practices, network with each other, and bring forth new ideas.

This segment underscored the clear purpose of AutomotiveNEXT: to optimize the contribution of women in the automotive industry and make sure the industry gets its fair share of today’s and tomorrow’s talent. One way to do that is to ensure the talent pool reflects more women -- from new recruits, to emerging leaders and women at all stages of their career.

Leading the conversation were:

  • Nancy Gioia, director, global electrification, user interface & connectivity at Ford Motor Company. Nancy serves on the Inforum board of directors and is chair of AutomotiveNEXT.

  • Maximiliane Straub, chief financial officer and executive vice president, controlling, finance and administration, Robert Bosch, LLC. Max serves on the Inforum and Inforum Center for Leadership boards of directors and is a member of the AutomotiveNEXT steering committe.
  • Laree Gardner, undergraduate student, Wayne State University College of Engineering. Laree is in her third year.
  • Alicia Luzkow, graduate student, Michigan State University MBA program with an emphasis in marketing & strategic management. Alicia is graduating in May 2013.

Thi program aired on Sunday, March 24, 2013 on Detroit Public TV and is archived here on

Chrysler Exec Chris Barman Talks AutomotiveNEXT in USA Today

Feb. 15, 2013

Chris Barman, vehicle line executive for the C and D segment programs, was featured in USA Today and gave a nice plug to Inforum's AutomotiveNEXT industry group. The article explains that female engineers are having an increasingly big impact on the vehicles and safety features that Detroit is offering -- despite the stubbornly small numbers in all industries. The Society of Automotive Engineers reports that among its nearly 28,000 members, 1500 -- 5% -- are women. Thank you, Chris, for your leadership and tremendous support of Inforum! Click here to read the article.



Colleen Haley, Executive Vice President and President, US OEM Business Unit,
Yazaki North America, Inc.

Nancy Gioia, Director, Global Electrification, User Interface & Connectivity, Ford Motor Co.

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