About Inforum


Inforum is the leading professional organization focused on creating strategic connections and accelerating careers for women throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Inforum has offices in Detroit and Grand Rapids with operations in Kalamazoo, Lansing and Saginaw. Inforum was founded as the Women's Economic Club in 1962.

Inforum is one of the few organizations of its kind in the country that combines professional development, top-notch networking and original research to accelerate careers for women – and make a positive impact on the business environment. Inforum is the best choice to connect on a strategic and personal level with other accomplished women. This kind of networking simply isn’t available with other organizations that are specific to a profession or geography.


Our Story: Inforum Celebrates 50 Years 


Inforum Center for Leadership was established in 2002 as the education and research arm of Inforum. It is a 501 c(3) organization with its own board of directors separate from Inforum. The formation of Inforum Center for Leadership (ICL) turbocharged Inforum’s mission to help women lead and succeed, giving the organization a real discipline and substance to developing women as leaders – not just supporting them.

ICL programs serve a broad range of professional women in different stages and types of careers – from emerging leaders, to high-potential executives, high-tech entrepreneurs, and for-profit corporate board leaders. Inforum Center for Leadership also conducts and publishes research on women’s leadership influence in Michigan, including the Michigan Women’s Leadership Index.  

Vision Statement

The premier resource for empowering women to lead and succeed professionally.

Mission Statement

Connect women through a network of thought leaders and best-in-class training and programming to help them optimize their personal and professional potential and achieve success.
Values Statement
  • INTEGRITY We treat each other with respect. We do the right thing. We value honesty.

  • INCLUSION  We welcome and involve professional women of all levels, aiming to provide knowledge and support through our varied training and programming that will help them lead and succeed.

  • INFLUENCE We are the go-to source of information and research, leadership development and programming with regard to professional women. We are actively involved in our community. Our collective voice is heard.

  • INSPIRATION Our programming and training are stimulating and of great value to our stakeholders. We provide important insights with regard to the progress professional women are making.

  • INNOVATION We are a proactive organization, constantly innovating, taking initiative to grow and creatively solving problems. We are results-oriented and responsive. Our members take initiative to develop themselves and our sponsors take initiative to help their valued women leaders succeed. We will help create the next chapter for Michigan’s economy.


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4/29/14 | Tuesday | Southwest Michigan
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